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SP25 Stop Arm Camera System


  • Highspeed License Plate Reading Technology
  • IR technology to clearly capture tags day or night
  • Multi-lane tag reading to lane 4
  • Shared Revenue & Licensing Programs available


Capture stop arm violators day or night with the newest stop arm system from Gatekeeper. The system uses infrared technology to capture tag numbers as far as lane 4, in the toughest of lighting and weather conditions. And Gatekeeper’s superior quality systems provide crystal clear images and videos to ensure tag readability for enforcement and prosecution. The system not only captures tag numbers, but also vehicle make and model, plus images of the driver.

New sensor technology detects motion and stop arm deployment; the recommended high mounted overview camera captures the deployed stop arm with a clear recording of the violation.

The system comes with user friendly software, that is password protected, and produces court ready video. Gatekeeper’s G4 Viewer Plus gives you visibility to what your vehicles encounter daily, both inside and outside of the vehicle, with the option of tracking routes, live streaming video, and wirelessly downloading footage.

This system keeps an eye on enforced zones, as far as lane 4 using infra-red tag reading technology. Built for function and durability, the system can withstand even the toughest of weather and lighting conditions.


The Student Protector is a high performance license plate reader that eliminates motion blur caused by vehicles traveling at high speed, thus allowing it to reliably deliver clear readable images in extreme environments. The Student Protector includes a unique mechanical design, combined with precision engineered sensor technology, allowing it to optimize license plate recognition day or night.

Utilizing Gatekeeper’s Direct Light Technology, and advanced processing, the SP25 system reliably capture readable license plate images when offending vehicles pass the stop arm at speeds up to 56 mph (90 kph).


Schools districts are choosing the Gatekeeper’s Student Protector Stop Arm Camera System to reduce the number of school bus passing violations and protect the safety and wellbeing of their students.

From automatic violation detection to complete violation processing, Student Protector maximizes the industry’s best photo enforcement equipment and resources, while minimizing the staff hours required by School Districts and Law Enforcement.

The stop-arm camera can be easily installed on any bus and acts as a witness to drivers running a school bus stop sign. The stop-arm cameras are positioned in order to capture images of front and back license plates and the face of the driver, all the information needed to prosecute offending drivers.


Add stop-arm cameras to any Gatekeeper camera system with minimal investment using the SP-W21 high definition exterior camera.

As part of Gatekeeper stop arm camera solution, Gatekeeper recommends the use of an overview camera in addition to the license plate capture cameras (SP15 or SP 25). The overview camera is typically mounted on the driver’s side, high at the rear of the bus. The camera provides an overview of the scene around the stop arm. This allows the viewer to understand the context of a stop arm event. The camera also allows for identifying the make, model and colour of the target vehicle.

Gatekeeper offers two cameras that are used for high overview duty. The W12 AHD is a 720p AHD camera while the SD 700 is D1 standard definition camera.

The Student Protector SP25 is mounted to the side of a bus.  SP25 comes with two license plate reading (LPR) cameras and up to 3 overview cameras for a total of up to 5 cameras. The camera is then aimed at the oncoming vehicles.

Utilizing the G4 DVR on screen display (OSD), notification that meta data such as warning lights active, stop arm deployed and GPS coordinates are embedded into the video stream providing a complete evidence package needed to positively identify the location of the bus and the fact the bus was actually stopped.

Gatekeeper’s G4 video player is utilized to review the video.  G4 viewing software allows you to quickly and easily create a short clip or still image (JPEG) providing you with the actionable evidence needed to issue citations.

The G4 DVR series synchronizes license plate imagery with bus speed, stop arm deployment, other vehicle sensors, date, time and driver identification.


Gatekeeper’s G4 Incident Management Software provides on screen display (OSD) that includes meta data notifications such as warning lights active, stop arm deployed, GPS coordinates and bus speed. These notifications are embedded into the video stream providing a complete evidence package needed to positively identify the location of the bus, and evidence the bus was stopped.

G4 Incident Software allows users to quickly and easily create a short clip or still image (JPEG ) providing them with the actionable evidence needed to issue tickets to stop arm violators.


The video is very clear and it’s easy to see the license plate number, so I would say that so far, it’s a success.
 Lieutenant Bryan Hasse with the Town of Beloit Police Department.

By Sanika Bhargaw |  


An awesome day at Jones County Schools! Media Day to promote student safety, and Student Protector’s roll in catching stop arm violators. We were very excited to have the opportunity to work alongside the amazing people of Jones County Georgia!


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