Digital Video Recorders, High Resolution Cameras, and Incident Management Software

Eliminate false liability claims, send back up to a responder’s exact location when needed, and provide an extra set of eyes in the emergency vehicle. Gatekeeper does this with digital video recorder solutions that give first responders—from firefighter to EMS fleets—reliable, high resolution digital video and clear audio recordings integrated with vehicle sensors, including GPS, speed and sirens.

In the Vehicle

Reliable, scaleable G-Series Digital Video Recorders deliver dynamic, real-time video to give you maximum coverage of your emergency response vehicles. The S-Series Cameras offer the highest resolution in the industry and feature infrared technology for precision viewing in any light, even no light. These vandal-proof cameras include a microphone for clear audio recordings.

In the Office

Finding, saving and sharing incidents is fast and easy with G4™ Viewer Plus Incident Management Software. You can retrieve video from the emergency response vehicle wirelessly anytime, even when the vehicle is turned off. G4 lets you synchronize video with Integrated GPS Mapping, vehicle sensors, alarms and audio so you can see incidents from all angles. Live-streaming video lets you quickly analyze emergency situations and send help to the responder’s exact location when needed. View historical data to track where responders have been and what transpired in the vehicle.