Why Gatekeeper?

Total Safety, Security and Management Solutions for Mobile Markets

Gatekeeper provides scalable, end-to-end, hi-definition safety and security solutions for mobile applications in school buses, transit buses, police vehicles, transport vehicles, military aircraft, coast guard patrol vessels, and on law enforcement officers. The integrated, high-resolution video, voice and mapping for extreme mobile applications provides customers with an effective tool to increase passenger safety, protect drivers, and manage fleet operations. The products provide a 360° view inside and outside vehicles. Each system integrates hi-definition video with GPS location technology for real time vehicle location, along with time, date and telematics data. All data is recorded to a military standard digital recording system, located inside the vehicle. Cameras transmit hi-definition video, in day or night conditions, collecting evidence that includes license plate information of stop arm violators. Gatekeeper wireless devices provide real time connectivity, streaming video, and vehicle tracking. Its video management software can be used as a desktop application for managing basic incidents or the enterprise software can be used to stream live video from any vehicle anywhere, anytime.

Market Opportunities

Market research firm, Stratistics MRC, has determined that the global video surveillance market was valued at $19.51 billion in 2015 and is projected to reach US $63.2 billion by 2022. The emergence of video analytics, cloud-based services for centralized data, the prevalence of hi-definition cameras, and the increasing need for physical security are all major factors fueling growth in the security and surveillance markets. In addition, video surveillance hardware and applications have become more affordable; providing broader access to this technology than ever before. The increasing demand for Video Content Analytics (VCA) and Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), incorporation of artificial intelligence in video surveillance systems, increasing demand for intelligent transportation systems, and integration of surveillance with technologies have been identified as the key opportunities expected to accelerate market growth in the coming years. As an established provider of robust, integrated, managed and hosted mobile video solutions, Gatekeeper is poised for rapid growth in a large and expanding market. Development of video analytics and managed services, along with application integration, represent opportunities to deliver high-value, bundled solutions for complex mobile operating environments.

Poised for Growth

Gatekeeper’s base business continues to drive the sales of its video camera technologies and mobile digital recorders. Existing customers span several market segments including law enforcement, Homeland Security, public transport, and commercial freight services. The Company is focused on building innovative, comprehensive solutions that expand its product and service offerings to create and an even greater value proposition for customers. Incident management software, real-time video streaming, cloud-based services, and evidence management are just a few examples of converging technologies that represent massive growth opportunities within the mobile video applications market.

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