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Digital Video Recorders, High Resolution Cameras, and Incident Management Software

Taxi drivers never know who their next customer will be. Drivers put their trust in their passengers. Gatekeeper gives them powerful tools to prevent dangerous incidents. Reliable digital video recorder solutions in the cab protect drivers, deter dangerous offenders, and in the event of an incident you can send help to the driver’s exact location immediately. Plus, you have the evidence you need to prosecute criminals and quickly resolve liability claims.

In-cab digital video gives your customers the sense of security they need to make you their preferred taxi company, helping to grow and retain your customer base. The system also lets you identify unsafe driving behaviors to ensure your drivers are obeying the rules of the road.


In the Vehicle

Gatekeeper’s reliable and scalable Digital Video Recorders support Analog High Definition (AHD) cameras and IP cameras that deliver dynamic, real-time videos for maximum coverage of your taxis. These GPS integrated DVRs are shock and vibration tested and are reliable for rough road conditions.

Our interior and exterior cameras offer the highest resolution in the industry and feature infrared technology for precision viewing in any light, even no light. These vandal-proof cameras are dust and water resistant and include a microphone for clear audio recordings.

Gatekeeper also offers a driver alert button to further improve driver safety.

When a driver presses the emergency alert button, a video clip from selected cameras is automatically sent to Gatekeeper’s server. The DVR and selected cameras are configured with pre-defined settings of pre and post video at the time the switch is pushed. The button can be mounted on the dash or in the driver’s foot well and includes a cover that prevents inadvertent button presses.


In the Office

Finding, saving and sharing incidents is fast and easy with G4 Viewer Plus Incident Management Software. You can retrieve video from the taxi wirelessly anytime, even when the taxi is turned off. The software lets you synchronize video with Integrated GPS Mapping, vehicle sensors, alarms and audio so you can see incidents from all angles. Live-streaming video lets you quickly identify dangerous incidents and send help to the driver’s exact location. View historical data to track where your drivers have been, identify unsafe driving practices, and see what transpired in the cab.