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The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has instituted a Final Rule (49 CFR § 229.136) mandating the installation of inward and outward facing image recording devices on all passenger train lead locomotives. This groundbreaking regulation aims to enhance safety and operational oversight by requiring the continuous recording of video and audio data during train operations.


Seamlessly Meeting FRA Requirements

Gatekeeper introduces the Crash Hardened Memory Module (CHMM), specifically designed for the rail industry to meet and exceed the latest FRA regulations. Our CHMM solution ensures rail agencies are fully compliant, offering a robust, reliable, and efficient way to capture and store critical data onboard locomotives.


Smart Solutions for Comprehensive Rail Safety

Gatekeeper’s CHMM not only meets but exceeds the FRA’s requirements through innovative self-monitoring features, ensuring continuous operational integrity. Our integrated solution, combining CHMM with Gatekeeper’s G4 Vision and Health Check system, offers a comprehensive approach to compliance with the new inspection, testing, and maintenance mandates for locomotive image and audio recording devices. Our solution provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing your locomotive image and audio recording systems are fully compliant, operational, and monitored by the latest in AI technology.

Key Features

AI-Enabled System Monitoring

Leveraging the power of AI, our system continuously assesses the operational status of the image recording system, including power status and fault detection. This capability ensures compliance with the FRA requirement for self-monitoring features, enabling proactive maintenance and system integrity.

Automated Fault Detection and Notification

In the event of a system fault, our solution automatically notifies operational teams, allowing for immediate action in accordance with FRA guidelines. This ensures that locomotives can remain in compliance, even under fault conditions, by following the specified regulatory procedures.

Seamless Integration

Gatekeeper’s solution is designed for seamless integration with existing locomotive systems, offering a straightforward path to achieving and maintaining compliance with the latest FRA regulations. This integration extends to both new installations and retrofitting existing locomotives, providing flexibility and efficiency in meeting regulatory deadlines.

Crashworthy Design

Engineered to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring data integrity even in the event of an accident.

Comprehensive Recording Capability

CHMM systems are engineered to provide over 12 hours of continuous video and audio recording, capturing every critical moment of train operation.

Efficient Data Management

Features such as wireless data upload and advanced encryption secure and simplify the management of recorded data.


Prepare for FRA Compliance Now

With looming deadlines for existing and new locomotives to meet the FRA’s recording device requirements, Gatekeeper offers the only all-in-one solution that is both space-efficient and easy to install.

Agencies have until October 12, 2027, to retrofit existing locomotives to comply with the new FRA requirement for inward and outward facing cameras. For new, remanufactured, or existing passenger train lead locomotives that are installed with recording systems after October 12, 2024, they must meet the specified requirements from the moment of installation.

Ensure your agency is regulation-ready with Gatekeeper’s proven technology.

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