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CLARITY™ is an integrated video and passenger counting school bus operating platform from Gatekeeper. This groundbreaking platform enables reliable and efficient operations through robust dispatch, payroll and scheduling functions.

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One Platform, Multiple Solutions


Daily driver, vehicle and task management with real-time updates on vehicle location based on GPS data. Schedule vs. Actual pick-ups, drop-off by route and stops.


Ability to clock in and out via smartphone. Real-time sync between clock and dispatch. Robust guarantee/overtime calculation based rules engine. Quick and easy audit of scheduled time vs. actual time vs. paid time for each task.


Setup master schedule, employee calendar and school calendar. Perfectly sync your scheduled number of pick-ups and drop-offs.

The Future of Fleet Management

Streamline your operations and improve safety, reliability and efficiency with CLARITY™. No more using spreadsheets, logs or whiteboards. With CLARITY™, you can monitor and manage daily operations by using technology solutions which are driven by data and analytics. Scheduling, Dispatch, Routing, Time Management, Payroll and Passenger Counting – all in one platform, all in real-time.

What Can CLARITY™ Do For You?


Create and maintain annual schedules and manage daily schedule changes

Passenger Counting

Accurately record the number of students entering and leaving the bus



Monitor daily dispatch and assign tasks with real time status alerts



Easy payroll processing based on robust guarantee / OT rule engine

Time Management

Produce time and attendance records for export to payroll system


Plan and moniter runs, stops and scheduled time, pick-ups and drop-offs


One view dashboard to check status of all daily operations


CLARITY™ brings your fleet data together to analyze and gain insights

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