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Yard Guard

All-in-one DVR Camera system to protect facilities.

  • Self Contained DVR and Camera Recording System
  • Flexible Mounting to Poles or Walls
  • Up to four SP15 5MP cameras
  • Wide range of WiFi antenna options
  • Connects to G4 Enterprise Server via WiFi or Cellular
  • Tightly integrated with Gatekeeper’s wireless DVR system
  • Cellular / WiFi device communication options


Gatekeeper is pleased to present the Yard Guard. Yard Guard consists of a DVR and high-resolution cameras that can be remotely mounted to provide video surveillance. It is an all-in-one solution that mounts on poles or walls to safeguard facilities such as administrative buildings, vehicle yards, and other valuable assets. Yard Guard allows for the identification of vandalism as well as minimizing false liability claims, and reduce damage to property. The DVR in the Yard Guard system operates over a wide temperature range -40°F to 158°F (-40°C to +70°C). The DVR supports H.265 video compression. H.265 provides 40% more record time than H.264 video compression.

The two SP15 cameras each provide up to 5 Mega Pixels of resolution and reliably capture high quality and blur-free images. The camera resolution is adjustable to 5MP, 4MP, 3MP, 1080P, 720P, and D1. SP15 cameras are mounted on flexible arms that facilitate the aiming of the camera. Two additional SP15 cameras can be added to the Yard Guard system for a total of four 5MP cameras. It is equipped with a 5GHz WiFi and/or cellular modem (optional). System operators or fleet managers can live stream videos and playback recordings using Gatekeeper G4 Enterprise and G4 Viewer Plus software. 

The Yard Guard enclosure is rated to ingress protection IP56. It is resistant to foul weather and equipped with thermal control. When the temperature rises to 75-degree °F, (24°C) the two fans inside the enclosure turn on automatically to cool the internal electronics. The Yard Guard also has an internal circuit breaker in the event there are power surges. 

Gatekeeper offers a wide range of WiFi antenna options ranging from a 3dBi gain omni antenna up to a 30dBi gain dish antenna. Also available is a WiFi access point with a wide array of antennas to choose from. Similarly, Gatekeeper offers several cellular connectivity options including LTE and 5G. RF link design is provided as free service. 


All-in-one system 

• DVR, high resolution cameras, WiFi / Cellular, GPS 

• Easily mounted on street light poles, utility poles, and buildings 

• Two SP15 5MP cameras on adjustable mounting arms 

• Two additional SP15 for a total of four SP15 cameras (optional) 

• Up to 4TB recording storage with DVR 

• H.265 and H.264 video compression 

• Up to 1.5 miles with WiFi or wide area with 4G/5G cellular 

• Option for high gain WiFi antennas 

• Live streaming, video playback, and clipping with G4 Enterprise and G4 Viewer Plus software 

• IP56 enclosure 

• Internal ventilation and thermostatically controlled 

• Fan automatically activates when temperature rises over 75° F (24° C) adjustable 

• Circuit breaker protected 

Yard Guard Product Sheet