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Gatekeeper Systems Inc., was founded by our CEO Doug Dyment in 1997. From the very beginning, his vision has been about protecting people on buses and transit, especially kids. He tells a story from childhood about riding a school bus that took him to the wrong drop-off, far from home, and an overriding fear of being lost.

Later, he made it his mission to leverage technology to help build better, safer transportation networks, and smarter communities. To that end, he has assembled a team of professionals to create and innovate to develop superior products. That’s the ‘why’ behind his business and his focus as he charted the company through the sometimes choppy waters of a start-up to the calmer seas of success.

If you would like to be part of this dedicated group, building on, and fulfilling this exceptional mission, we invite you to watch this site for career openings. You can also follow us on our social media channels to hear about our community and the exciting changes we are bringing to market.




At Gatekeeper, we’re a young company. We’re driven by an energetic, entrepreneurial spirit with a sense that we can change the world. We also represent a diverse community, and serve people across Canada and the United States from all backgrounds. That’s the nature of transit and kids going to school – people from different backgrounds going places to build a better life.

And Gatekeeper is committed to that diversity. We’re committed to building a dynamic team that reflects our nation’s cultural mosaic and working to ensure that we develop, enrich, promote, advance and retain our staff. Our communities reflect many different stories and histories, and we believe that diversity and difference should be celebrated. We believe diversity is the strength of our business, our team and our countries.

Gatekeeper is committed to creating equal and equitable opportunities for all employees, and to build a workspace where we can enable everyone to reach their full potential. That’s our mission.