G4 Vision & Viewer

Driver Emergency Alert Switch

Improve the security of your drivers and passengers.
Capture and push video clips via cellular to the G4 Enterprise server and automatically send e-mails or text messages to notify selected individuals of the emergency. Police can be included on the e-mail list if required. Activation is via a button mounted on the dash or a switch mounted in the driver’s foot-well. The dash mounted button comes with a cover that must be flipped up in order to activate the switch. The cover prevents inadvertent button presses. The foot-well switch is mounted so that it can be covertly activated.

When a driver presses the emergency alert switch, a video clip from selected cameras is automatically sent to the G4 Enterprise server via cellular. The DVR and selected cameras is configured with pre-defined settings of pre and post video at the time the switch is pushed.


Scheduled Wireless Transfer

You suspect that something is not right with the activities on a particular route. Maybe the driver stops for coffee or there are some concerning reports about the driver’s behavior. Gatekeeper wireless system allows you to predefine a scheduled download. A specific vehicle, a time range and the days the downloads are to occur can all be preset. When the vehicle returns to the yard the predefined video will be automatically downloaded to the G4 Enterprise server via WiFi.

Downloads can be scheduled without any configuration at the DVR.

GPS With Real Time Map Display

Vehicles can be tracked in real time on a map. Utilizing cellular data connection, the DVR can be configured to send its position back to the G4 Enterprise server. Using G4 Viewer+ connected to the Enterprise Server, Google maps will display the location of the vehicles. By double clicking on the vehicle one can then see live streaming video from the vehicle.

Event Based Auto Wireless Transfer

Based on pre-defined events, such as excessive speeding, panic button, accelerometer, and other threshold values, etc. video can be automatically pushed from a cellular equipped mobile DVR to the G4 Enterprise server. Along with the event notification, video from before and after the event is also sent to the G4 Enterprise server. When received, the server can be configured to send either an e-mail message or a text message to selected personnel. This feature allows a high G force event to be tracked through a G Force sensor which is available with all of Gatekeeper DVR’s. It can be configured to report on hard cornering, hard braking or a high G collision. Now a fleet manager has video of the incident to help determine the cause of the excessive G event.

Customized Integration Routing and Mapping

Gatekeeper Systems offer a service to design and implement a gateway between wirelessly connected DVR’s and third-party applications. Realize your gateway to connectivity with G4 Vision – More Than Video.

Public Transport
  • Violence
  • Bullying
  • Vandalism
  • Potential Terrorist Threats
  • Stop Arm Violations
Law Enforcement
  • Violence
  • Bullying
  • Vandalism
  • Potential Terrorist Threats
  • Stop Arm Violations
Transport Services
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Road Rage
  • Driver Behavior
  • False Insurance Claims
  • Asset Protection

G4 Vision Product Feature Sheet