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Video and Data Solutions for First Responders

Video Surveillance

A wide range of durable cameras that produce stunning video quality in high definition

Mobile Data Collection

High definition digital video recorders that can offer wireless, on-command fleet connection

Fleet tracking

Wirelessly connect your fleet with GPS and easily track each vehicle in real time on a map

Wireless Downloads

Get the information you need, fast. Download all your video over a wireless network directly to your computer

Health Check

Actively monitor the health status of your wireless DVRs and cameras on every vehicle in your fleet

Live Video

Live-stream video from any vehicle to identify dangerous incidents and respond quickly

Stay Connected

Provide first responders with the video and data solutions they need to stay safe. Gatekeeper uses the latest technology in AI, video surveillance and mobile data collectors to provide a clear and complete view inside, outside and surrounding your vehicles, with clear audio recordings integrated with vehicle sensors, including GPS, speed and sirens.

Our durable DVRs are shock and vibration tested, so they can withstand the toughest conditions to make sure you can get the footage you need, when you need it.

Respond to emergency situations as they develop with real-time access to live video. Manage your video files and monitor the health status of your wireless DVRs and cameras on each vehicle – all from one dashboard!



Optimize fleet visibility with Gatekeeper’s complete video analytics surveillance systems


Shock and vibration tested DVRs and Cameras designed to meet the harsh conditions of emergency vehicles


Access real-time video, location and event data to respond quickly to emergency situations


Protect your fleet from fraudulent claims by capturing a 360° view inside and outside your vehicles


Use data and analytics to measure insights on impact of road events, driver behavior and surroundings


Retrieve video and data wirelessly, even when the vehicle is powered down


Help first responders react in real-time to a emergency situations


Reduce incidents on and around the vehicle resulting in a safer environment for drivers and pedestrians

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