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There’s nothing more instinctive than protecting our children. Gatekeeper’s reliable digital video recorder solutions let you see everything real-time on and around your buses to ensure the safety of the children entrusted to you. Seeing everything means you can hold violators accountable, quickly resolve liability claims and protect your buses from misuse and vandalism.

Gatekeeper’s wireless incident management software is the ultimate tool for live streaming video, playback or clip previously recorded videos, and automatically download videos.


Gatekeeper’s reliable,  Digital Video Recorders support Analog High-Definition (AHD) cameras & IP cameras that deliver real-time videos for maximum coverage of your school buses. Our interior cameras offer the highest resolution in the industry and feature infrared technology for precision viewing in any light condition, even in no light condition. These vandal-proof cameras include a microphone for clear audio recordings.

Gatekeeper also offers you a powerful camera system to protect against Stop Arm violators. The Student Protector Stop Arm Camera System captures high quality images of the violator’s license plate, even at high speeds, and enables tickets to be issued without driver intervention. It’s a powerful solution to reduce violations and accidents and is a source of revenue.

Gatekeeper has the technology to enable mobile internet access from a school bus. The Mobile WIFI System conveniently and securely allows students and authorized users to connect to the internet with their WIFI-enabled devices. All data is routed back to the school’s IT infrastructure, making it a safe internet experience for students.

Gatekeeper’s Intelligent Temperature Sensing System includes a stand-alone health monitoring panel that measures the body temperature of individuals entering the bus. Thermal cameras, artificial intelligence and video analytics are used to accurately measure body temperature in less than one second. The system can be configured to provide an audio warning for individuals with high temperatures and if a mask is or is not detected. This easy to install system helps ensure a healthier environment for passengers and bus operators.


Finding, saving and sharing incidents is fast and easy with Gatekeeper’s G4 Viewer Plus Incident Management Software. You can retrieve video from buses wirelessly anytime, even when buses have been powered down. The incident management software lets you synchronize video with Integrated GPS Mapping, vehicle sensors, alarms and audio so you can see incidents from all angles. View live-streaming video to quickly identify and respond to incidents, and access historical data to track where your buses have been, see if drivers are making their designated stops, and find out when and where students entered or exited the bus. The software’s geofence capabilities trigger an alarm when a bus deviates from its route.