Key Features & Benefit

  • H.264 compression
  • Spinning Hard Drive or SSD available
  • 4 (504HD) or 8 (508HD) channels
  • D1 resolution
  • 8 input sensors
  • Fanless Design
  • Dual Streaming
  • Wireless Ready – WiFi and Cellular


  • Homeland Security

Secure Sensitive Data in Extreme Conditions

Viperfish® solid state high resolution video and sensor recorders provide an almost bullet proof platform for recording sensitive information in extreme environments. With the latest H.264 compression and unique hardware design, the Viperfish® MSX records up to four cameras at D1 resolution at 30 Frames Per Second per camera giving you real time video. Integrated with each channel of video is one channel of audio for capturing voice data. The quick disconnect solid state storage device allows you to quickly pull the data after a mission. Using ODESSA post mission analysis software, you can quickly find and save incidents or share with team members. ODESSA allows you to send important information to hundreds of users without downloading software at their desktop. An executable version of the ODESSA accompanies the video clip and has an option for password protect.

Features allow you to adjust frame rates and quality settings on each camera. Four channels of video, sensors and voice are synchronized with GPS coordinates. Time, date and operator identification are configurable. For search and rescue or scientific projects, overlaying audio on the solid state card allows you to record details of events at critical times during your mission. The Critical Event Marker allows you to mark important events on the solid state card as they happen. GPS mapping is also available for post mission analysis of the vessels route. GPS mapping is integrated with the video and synchronized for confirming vessel location with actual recorded video and audio.

V4 – Post Mission Analysis Software with Live Tracking and Remote Monitoring

The Viperfish ® MSX includes post mission analysis software suite for finding, saving and sharing important information. Modules allow you to monitor vessels over cellular or sat link, real time video transmission and GPS location tracking, alarm reporting system, remote management system, supports google maps, client access to central server simultaneously, auto alarm video clipping, manual search and download, records all operation logs, synchronized multiple downloads.

     Operating System  Embedded real time Linux – boot from internal PROM
     Control  IR Remote control, optional control panel, network
     Video Channels  4 channels – 504HD / 8 channels – 508HD
     Output  1 channel RCA connector
     Video Compression  H.264
     Video Quality  User configurable
     Video System  NTSC/PAL 75 ohm termination
     Resoluton  NTSC:     D1 (720 x 480)

HD1 (704 x 240)

CIF (352 x 240)


D1 (704 x 576)

HD1 (704 x 288)

CIF (352 x 288)

     Frame Rate  Up to 30 FPS per channel – maximum 120 FPS
     Video Resource  Up to 120 FPS at D1 resolution and best quality
     On Screen Display  User configurable – time/date, GPS Info, speed, alarm, acceleration data, temperature, voltage, channel name, vehicle number.
     Video Streams  Dual Streaming
     Audio Channels  4 (504HD) / 8 (508HD) one channel of audio for each video channel. Frame rate must be above 6 fps
 Output  1 channel
     Audio Compression  ADPCM
     Commrad Storage  Drive sizes: 320GB, 500GB, 1TB or 256SSD
     Recording Trigger  Recording Trigger Schedule, alarms, sensor triggers (includes ignition)
     Pre recording  15 min
     Post recording  Max 30 min
     File Size  15 min of video
     DVR Video Playback  1 channel local Up to 8 channels using G4 Viewer
     Search Method  Date/Time, channel file type
     Backup Mode  USB
     Ethernet  Ethernet RJ 45 port (10/100M)
     Cellular  HSPA/EVDO (optional)
     WIFI  802.11G / 803.11N (optional)
     GPS  GPS Location, Speed, Time Sync
     Input  Input 8 to 32v
     Output  12v at 2 amp, 5V at 2 amp
     Consumtion  12W recording – with no cameras or accessories
     Standby Current  <100 mA @ 12.6V
     Dimensions  6.9” x 6.3” x 2.1” (174 mm x 159 mm x 54 mm)
     Weight  3.3 lbs. (1.5 kg)
     Operating Temperature  -40°F – 150°F (-40°C to +65°C)
     Humidity  Below 90% non-condensing