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How Does Health Check Work?

Health Check is a cloud-based tool that automatically monitors the health of a fleet’s surveillance system.

It works by checking the recording status of each DVR and uses Artificial Intelligence to check cameras for correct aim, lens impairments such as scratches, condensation or tampering.

In the event that there is an issue, Health Check automatically will send an alert so that fleet operators are able to quickly respond.

This technology ensures on a daily basis that every moment of video is there for when it’s needed.

How does Health Check Monitor DVRs?

Surveillance systems work by connecting cameras to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), which records and stores the footage captured by the cameras.

Historically, there has been no way to check on the recording status of a DVR without manually accessing it and checking the most recent video recordings.

This has led to situations where fleet operators have gone to pull video from a DVR due to an incident only to find that the DVR had not been recording.

Gatekeeper’s Health Check system protects against missing video by automatically monitoring the recording status of every DVR in a fleet.

If there is an issue with any DVR, Health Check is able to detect it and send an alert saying where the issue is, and what type of issue it is.

Health Check requires DVRs with wireless connectivity (either cellular or Wi-Fi) and it works by creating a file that reports on the status of a DVR every time it starts to record video.

The following information is checked and reported:

•          A valid video signal from a camera is being received by the DVR.

•          The storage device (Hard Drive or SD card) is mounted by the operating system

•          The internal temperature of the DVR

•          The voltage being applied to the DVR

•          The GPS system is operating correctly

Health Check communicates with the DVR as part of this process, which ensures the wireless system is functioning correctly.

If contact is not made, then Health Check reports that the DVR did not check-in.

Below is a screen shot of Health Check dashboard where the user is able to view a summary of health of the fleet of DVR’s.

With this dashboard, a user can quickly see if there are any issues with any DVRs, as well as what type of issue.

Diagnosing and fixing problems is streamlined, as the system allows a user to further track which vehicle has a recording issue, as well as view the log history of any issues.

How does Health Check Monitor Cameras?

In addition to monitoring the status of DVRs, Health Check is also able to alert fleet operators if any cameras are experiencing recording issues.

Cameras can be tampered with, they can be knocked out of place and they can experience technical issues that prevent them from capturing footage.

Health Check is able to monitor every camera in a fleet, and will send an alert if a camera is not recording properly.

It works by downloading a clip of video from each camera to the Health Check server. The clip of video is then run through an Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning algorithm that has been trained to evaluate image quality.

Gatekeeper’s Health Check AI can identify the following issues with image quality:

•          Scratched lens

•          Partial obscured camera lens (such as a sticker, or tape)

•          Petroleum jelly on the lens

•          Paint or felt pen markings on the lens

•          Rolling video – video that has lost sync

•          Black video – no image

The image below shows Health Check detecting no issues with image quality:

The image below shows Health Check detecting a camera lens that has petroleum jelly on the lens:

Health Check can also identify cameras who’s aim has changed:

This functionality applies to cameras that have a static element in its field of view.

Typically, this means that all cameras on a passenger vehicle can be analyzed for aim change with the exception of a forward-facing camera.

The Full Picture

Health Check is an end-to-end system that is web-based and user friendly.

It gives fleet operators the tools to effectively monitor and maintain the integrity of their video systems.

Health Check is the most advanced surveillance monitoring system, and will ensure every moment of video is there when it’s needed.

Watch our Health Check video: