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Bridging Innovation and Transit Security: Gatekeeper’s State-of-the-Art Command Center

In an industry-leading move, Gatekeeper Systems is spearheading a new era of transit security and operational efficiency with the launch of its new Command Center in Bristol, PA. At the heart of this hub is Gatekeeper’s G4 Vision, a cloud-based hosted service that will redefine how transit partners manage their fleets.

Abdul Azim, Director of Operations at Gatekeeper, is leading the implementation of this ambitious project. “The goal is to be an all-in-one shop for our customers when it comes to video monitoring, retrieval, and overall system health,” he said. “Whatever the size of their fleet, we are going to be able to demonstrate that we can always meet their requirements,”

Central to this goal is G4 Vision, the innovative video management software suite from Gatekeeper. This comprehensive tool provides fleet operators with access to real-time video and location data across their entire fleet, while also harnessing the power of AI to monitor system health as well as analyze video and data for incident management and enforcement.

One of the key components of G4 Vision is Health Check, a groundbreaking tool that uses AI to monitor the health of camera and DVR systems and alert operators to potential issues, such as vandalized cameras or obscured lenses, that could result in missing video.

Before Health Check, fleet operators had to manually access hard drives to check their recording status, a typically time-consuming and unreliable process. But now with G4 Vision’s Health Check, this task is made simpler and more efficient. Alerts are sent out immediately if a system isn’t working, making diagnosing and fixing issues quicker and easier. “Because we’re proactively monitoring everything, we can catch any recording issue before it becomes a problem,” Azim said.

The newly established Command Center has multiple analysts monitoring multiple screens. These analysts can monitor real-time surveillance from a multitude of locations, with each workstation dedicated to analyzing and processing real-time data from G4 Vision. This ready-to-view and easily accessible tool keeps critical information at the fingertips of the operators.

One of the most important benefits behind Gatekeeper’s new Command Center is reducing false liability claims. These false claims can cost transit authorities tens of millions of dollars every year, and having reliable video can dramatically cut down this amount. Azim adds, “A transit vehicle can have anywhere from eight to 16 cameras depending on the vehicle type, and there can be thousands of vehicles in a fleet. Now with Health Check every single one of those cameras can be monitored.”

At the heart of this new project, as well as Gatekeeper’s suite of solutions, is an unwavering commitment to providing superior service and quality. “We put more emphasis on getting the details right. We under promise and over deliver. We never overemphasize or overestimate what we can do,” Azim said. “And if a request for something new or different comes up, then we exhaust all of our options in researching and developing solutions to meet their needs.”

In an age where surveillance technology is integral to fleet management, Gatekeeper’s Command Center sets a new industry standard. Backed by G4 Vision, it offers an efficient and reliable solution to surveillance needs, promising significant benefits not just for transit authorities but also for the public relying on their services. This innovative step forward showcases Gatekeeper’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for their customers, enhancing public transportation’s safety and efficiency.