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• Mobile Internet access from a school bus

• All data is routed through school districts firewall/content filter

• All in one mobile modem provides WiFi and Cellular connectivity

• Antenna options for expansion of in yard WiFi access to access video on a DVR

• Options for single or dual Wifi devices

• Options for single or dual cell radio devices

Gatekeeper’s MWS (Mobile WiFi System) brings the convenience of Internet access via a local WiFi connection on vehicles and school buses. The MWS system allows students (and other authorized users) to connect their WiFi-enabled devices to the Internet. Internet access is available when the vehicle is in motion or if the vehicle is parked to provide community Internet access. A rugged mobile WiFi access point is mounted in the vehicle. This access point is specially designed to operate in the extreme temperature range found on school buses.

Data received by the WiFi access point is transmitted via a cellular connection. All data is routed back to the school’s IT infrastructure. In this way, a school’s firewall/content filter can be utilized thus making for a safe Internet experience for students.

The Gatekeeper MWS can provide specific access to school staff so that their data is routed through a different set of firewall/ content filter rules. This is to allow teachers and other approved staff the ability to access additional Internet sites as permitted.

Routing to the school’s IT system is achieved via a VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnel. The VPN functionality is built in the on-vehicle WiFi/Cellular device. On the fixed side the VPN is terminated by either a low-cost VPN application which can be run on a server located in school district IT infrastructure or alternatively a low-cost VPN appliance is available.

Either a single sim cellular or a dual sim cellular modem is available. The dual sim modem allows for either carrier diversity or combining 2 cellular channels for increased throughput. In the dual sim device, the software is available to combine the data into a single data stream once it is in the school’s IT network.

Gatekeepers trained deployment staff make the installation, setup, and operation of the system very easy.



BR1 Mini

• Single WiFi radio 2.4 GHz

• Single cellular radio – dual SIM

• 1 LAN Port, 1 WAN Port


• Simultaneous Dual Band WiFi radio 2.4 GHz / 5.0 GHz

• Single cellular radio – dual SIM

• 1 LAN Port, 1 WAN Port

BR1 Pro

• Simultaneous Dual Band WiFi radio 2.4 GHz / 5.0 GHz

• Single cellular radio – dual SIM

• 4 LAN Ports, 1 WAN Port

Max Transit Duo

  Simultaneous Dual Band WiFi radio 2.4 GHz / 5.0 GHz

  Dual cellular radio’s for carrier redundancy or increased bandwidth – dual sim

• 1 LAN Port, 1 WAN Port


VPN Termination for fixed side

Software appliance  – Fusion Hub

• Fusion Hub Essential – supports 5 buses

• Fusion Hub Pro – supports 20 buses

• Fusion Hub 100 – supports 100 buses

• Fusion Hub 500 – supports 500 Buses

VPN appliance – SpeedFusion

• Balance 20 – supports 2/5 buses

• Balance 305 – supports 2/30 buses

• Balance 380 – supports 30/100 buses

• Balance 580 – supports 50/100 buses

• Balance 1350 – supports 800 buses


• 4:1 antenna

• 5:1 antenna

Recurring In Control subscription

• Cloud Management Software

• 1, 2 and 3 year renewal options

Extended Warranty Options

• 1, 2 and 3 year renewal options

Mobile Wifi System

Mobile Wifi Specs