Protecting Officers. Building Trust.

XFORCE™ HD Body Cameras


XFORCE™ HD Body Camera with Night Vision

“Best we’ve seen – rugged design – outstanding picture quality”

XFORCE™ Night Vision In Total Darkness

Chawn Gilliland Chief of Police Aledo ISD


Protecting Passengers On The Move

Gatekeeper High Resolution Mobile Video Systems Set New Standards For Public Transportation


Transit Mobile Video Security - 4G Live Streaming

- Remote Health Check
- Instant Access Video, Voice and Bus
- Least Cost Path Routing
- GPS Bus Tracking


Record More Data Than Ever.

2TB Drives Available
For The G4-500 and
G4-800 Series


Children At Risk

Student Protector™ Automated Stop Arm Violation Deterrence System

When Their Safety Is In Your Hands

Trust Gatekeeper Bus Video Systems

Secure Sensitive Data In Extreme Environments

Viperfish MIL STD Digital Video Recorders