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The video is very clear and it’s easy to see the license plate number, so I would say that so far, it’s a success.
Lieutenant Bryan Hasse with the Town of Beloit Police Department.

Bus Driver Saves Childs life Saved from Stop Arm Violator 

A school bus driver saved a child’s life by being aware of an oncoming stop arm violator that passed a bus at high speed on the right side just as the child was about to step off the bus.

Over 14 million stop arm violations occur each year. Gatekeeper’s new 10 mega pixel camera system records license plates of stop arm violators.

View The Video Here

Note – The article was posted on May 8, 2019, By Sadiah Thompson.

Media Days!

Jones County Schools:

An awesome day at Jones County Schools! Media Day to promote student safety, and Student Protector’s roll in catching stop arm violators. We were very excited to have the opportunity to work alongside the amazing people of Jones County Georgia!

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Representatives from the Habersham County School System, Habersham County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia State Patrol and police departments in Clarkesville, Cornelia and Demorest gather Wednesday to roll out the new school bus stop arm cameras

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School bus drivers raise the alarm after a number of near misses involving careless drivers.

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