Board of Directors

Douglas Dyment, founded Gatekeeper Systems Inc. in 1997, but has been a strong presence in the video security industry since 1992. At that time, Mr. Dyment developed and sold a school bus video system to Silent Witness Enterprises Ltd. This product led the company into the global security market, where they secured top market space, and generated $35 to $40 million in revenue. At Silent Witness Enterprises, Mr. Dyment was a key player on the business development team responsible for the expansion of its security cameras through OEMs with large multi-national companies and security distributors.

Mr. Dyment’s focus on improving safety in the fleet environment, coupled with his more than 20 years of experience leading sales, business development, operations, and research and development teams, has enabled him to grow Gatekeeper into the foremost provider of digital video security solutions.

Corey Muirhead is Executive Vice President of Logan Bus Company Inc., the largest privately owned school transportation company in New York State, and has over a decade of industry experience in school transportation. He has successfully negotiated contracts having aggregate value of more than $1 billion with the New York City Department of Education and other government agencies. He is also President of the New York School Bus Contractors Association, an organization comprising of nearly one hundred school transportation service companies promoting safe, reliable and cost-effective student transportation in New York State.

Mr. Bruce is the former Chief Operating Officer of both First Group America and National Express Corporation, two of the largest companies providing school transportation services in North America and Europe.

First Group is a school transportation service provider serving more than four million students in 42 states and Canada, with 80,000+ employees, 50,000+ buses, and annual revenues in excess of $2.5 billion.

As Chief Operating Officer, First Student Division, from 2008 to 2010, Mr. Bruce oversaw $2.5 billion transportation operations involving more than 700 North American locations, 450 maintenance sites, 1200+ contracts, and 80,000 employees; and directed a leadership team that included five Senior Vice Presidents and 22 Region Vice Presidents.

From 2005 to 2008, Mr. Bruce held the position of Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, driving all sales and marketing efforts including customer contact, solution analysis, and acquisition strategies supervising six director – level reports responsible for generating at least $20 million annually in new business.

National Express Corporation is a School transportation provider operating in 34 states and 4 Canadian Provinces, with 22,000 employees, 20,000+ buses and annual revenues of nearly $1 billion.  As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Bruce oversaw $1 billion student transportation operations from 300 North American locations.  He had full P&L responsibility through a leadership team that includes five Vice Presidents of Operations and 14 Region Managers.

Prior to this Mr. Bruce held various positions in major transportation companies including Ryder System Inc., 20yrs, multiple locations: District & General Manager; District Sales Manager; Account Executive; District Safety Manager; Branch Operations (Service) Manager.

A consummate professional with an intense entrepreneur spirit, Mr. Bruce founded Transportation Advisory Group (TAG) in 2015 and is the President and CEO providing advisory services to the student transportation industry.

Mr. Bruce is a former Board Member for the National School Transportation Association and New York School Bus Contractors Association.

David Stumpo brings 40 years’ experience within the public transit industry, as a seasoned professional and entrepreneur.  He is the founder and current CEO of the American Public Transit Exams Institute (APTREX), and Executive Director for the Southern California Regional Transit Training Consortium (SCRTTC).  The APTREX Institute is known for pioneering in the field of transit workforce development specifically for Professional Transit Certification of managerial staff from front line supervisors to senior and executive management.

Mr. Stumpo has been instrumental in developing the Southern Regional Transit Training Consortium (SCRTTC) start-up in 2004 as well as overseeing the SCRTTC toward the advancement of the “Learning Model” for transit technicians and workforce development. The SCRTTC has been recognized for “Innovation in Transit Training” awarded by the National Transit Institute, and Innovation in Training” from the California Transit Association.

Mr. Stumpo’s other relevant experience includes:


President/ CEO of the Coast Mountain Bus Company in Vancouver, managing a $300 million operating budget, $1 billion of capital assets, including 1,600 vehicles, and 3,800 personnel.


Deputy Director of Maintenance and Chief Operating Officer for the San Francisco Muni, with an annual budget of $280 million, including 1,400 vehicles and all maintenance and operations of Bus, Light Rail, Cable Car and Trolleybus, facility maintenance, signal, track, subway, power/overhead divisions. Responsible for implementation of several rail line expansions projects including vehicle procurement and acceptance of the Breda LRT, maintenance and operations training, and start-up.


Held various positions, including, Director of Bus Maintenance, QA and Engineering, and Vice-President, Rail Operations.  Managed and oversaw the new Light Rail startup from vehicle procurement of the Kinkisharyo LRT, operations and maintenance setup, hiring, training and shop design through delivery and acceptance.


Mr. Stumpo has held various positions at SEPTA, including his starting position as s bus washer.  He earned credibility and respect by working hard and continuing his education.  As a GM trained service technician, he quickly rose through the ranks to lead the Light Rail Operations as the Chief Officer for SEPTA.

Mr. Stumpo has held multiple Board positions, is an associate Professor of Business Studies at the University of Phoenix, and is a certified diesel/automotive technician and electrical/electronic troubleshooter on Rail Cars.

Mr. Stumpo holds a Masters Degree from LaSalle University, Bachelors in Business Administration from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, and is certified as a CTEM® – Certified Transit Executive Manager.

Mr. Sutherland is a Chartered Professional Accountant with 20 years of executive experience in several companies with international operations. Mr. Sutherland has extensive capital markets experience with C-suite involvement in over $2 billion of corporate financings, mergers, and acquisitions. He has held executive roles in four companies with dual listings on both the Toronto Stock Exchange and a major US stock exchange.