FS-10 Camera Overview

Discreet.  Super Compact.  Stunning Video Quality.

BusShotCam-FS10FLUSH-300dpi 2.5 in wide

The FS-10 camera is a small, attractive, fixed aiming, vandal resistant micro dome. It has been specifically designed for applications where aesthetics are a key requirement. The FS-10 can be flush mounted so that only the 3/8” ring (9.5mm) and polycarbonate dome is visible. Approximately 1/8” (3.2mm) of the camera can be hidden behind the surface to which it has been mounted to. 

The FS-10 camera utilizes a Sony Super HAD 700 TVL color CCD. The camera’s housing is metal and built to survive in rugged and vandal susceptible environments. Vibration tested to Mil Spec 810F, the FS-10 camera is an excellent choice for both mobile and fixed environments where a small low profile camera is needed and IR and audio are not required. 

Utilizing a Sony Effio Super HAD 1/3” CCD (Charge Coupled Device) imaging sensor, FS-10 cameras provide class leading image quality. Generating a standard composite NTSC video signal, the FS-10 camera is plug and play compatible with Gatekeeper Systems camera cabling system and older Gatekeeper DVR’s. The camera is available with 15’, 30’ or 60’ camera cables. 

The FS-10 has been built to operate in extreme environments that have significant shock and vibration and can operate in a temperature range of -22°F to +140°F, (-30°C to +60°C).

Camera - Features

Flush or Surface Mount

The FS-10 camera can be either flush mounted or surface mounted. This is very useful where aesthetics are a key requirement.  If there is insufficient space behind the mounting location to recess the camera, 3 mounting adapter rings are available: 10 degrees, 15 degrees and 25 degrees.  These rings not only provide the mounting assembly to surface mount the camera, but also provide a tilted surface so that lens can be aimed at more acute angles.

All Metal Housing 

An all metal housing with a polycarbonate lens creates a vandal proof package that is resistant to physical damage. 

Tamper Proof Adjustments 

Not only is the camera constructed of metal but there is a set screw that when tightened, prevents the camera aim from being tampered with. This is important for installation where the camera can be accessed, either due to low ceilings or accessible camera placement. 

Sealed Design – Water and Dust Proof 

The ball that houses the camera electronics has no vents thus allowing the camera to have a rating of IP67.