G4TM Viewer Plus Overview

Intuitive. Interactive.


Secure Incident Management Software.


G4 Viewer Plus is Gatekeeper’s industry leading secure incident management software that provides a comprehensive set of features for managing video recorded with Gatekeeper’s line of G Series Mobile DVRs. Users can easily find incidents, make clips of incidents, blur selected regions in the video, display the path of the vehicle on a map, in addition to many other features, making the management of video intuitive and easy.

When paired with the wireless capabilities in Gatekeeper’s latest hybrid DVRs, G4 Viewer Plus enables real-time access to live streaming video, vehicle location and status, allowing users to quickly find, save and share the video files of critical incidents as they happen. This empowers users with the information they need to make swift decisions based on clear evidence.

High resolution video, synchronized with date and time stamps, precise GPS location data, integrated with accurate event information on map, coupled with crucial vehicle sensor data – all combine to give a total picture of fleet events. Improve fleet safety, protect vehicles from misuse, minimize false liability claims and optimize fleet efficiencies – it’s that easy, with the help of G4 Viewer Plus. 


Video Playback with Interactive Maps and Geo-Jump

Playback video from multiple cameras simultaneously at different speeds in both forward and reverse directions –pause, step through video frame by frame, and save snapshots of any event of interest from any combination of cameras at any time. Video playback is fully integrated with an interactive map display which shows the vehicle track and marks events of interest directly on the map. Quickly Geo-Jump to any location by clicking on the map to show the associated video and events. Similarly viewing video of specific events is just as easy as clicking on the event itself, either on the map or from the event list – thus enabling users to browse video and review incidents very intuitively.


Share Video in Industry Standard Formats

G4TM Viewer Plus allows video clips of any desired length to be exported either in native format (for sharing with other G4TM Viewer Plus users), or as industry standard AVI files (which can be played back using any standard media player, such as the Windows Media Player software found in Microsoft Windows). Another unique aspect of G4TM Viewer Plus is the ability to share video securely using a password protected Mini-Player container. This feature allows users to export video as a self-contained, password protected, standard Windows executable file, which incorporates the video and all associated mapping, sensor and GPS data, along with a built-in Mini-Player component. This makes it easy for users to share video together with complete associated situational data, even to recipients who do not have G4 Viewer Plus installed.


Intelligent Search and View Options

G4TM Viewer Plus has intelligent search options which allow for easy incident identification, thus enabling the user to find the videos that matter in the shortest possible time. Besides filtering by date and recent video, the user can also search using a unique combination of parameters including vehicle speed, geo fence boundaries, and specific sensor events. As an example, this feature could enable a school transport manager to quickly identify when and where children entered or exited the bus, in case of a reported missing child. Fleet administrators could also easily monitor driving habits (harsh braking, acceleration, cornering, excessive speed) and build risk profiles over time thus providing valuable feedback to drivers, as well as improving safety and performance across the entire fleet.


Collaborate over the Cloud using Industry Standard File Sharing Services

G4TM Viewer Plus allows users to easily leverage industry standard file sharing services (such as DropBox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive[1]) for sharing video seamlessly with teams spread across multiple geographic locations. Flexible file saving options enable the user to quickly export video to designated cloud-shared folders, so that the video can be synchronized with the cloud repository and automatically downloaded to the recipients

[1] Gatekeeper is not affiliated with or otherwise sponsored by DropBox, Inc., Google, Inc., or Microsoft Corporation. DropBox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive are trademarks of their respective owners.

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