S370 Day/Night Camera Overview

Highest Resolution - Exceptional Picture Quality In Any Light

The S370 camera is a 800 TVL color, day/night camera with 24 integrated IR LED’s.  The camera’s housing is metal and built to survive in rugged and vandal susceptible environments.  Vibration and thermal tested, the S370 camera is an excellent choice for both mobile and fixed environments. 

Utilizing a Sony 1/3" 1.27 mega pixel CMOS imaging sensor, and Sony DSP (digital signal processor), the S370 provides class leading image quality in both day and night lighting conditions.  Also included, is an integrated microphone, that captures clear audio.

Generating a standard composite NTSC video signal, the S370 camera is plug and play compatible with Gatekeeper’s camera cabling system and older Gatekeeper DVRs.  The camera is available with 15’, 30’ or 60’ camera cables

The S370 ball has no vent, thus providing protection against water spray, while maintaining an operating temperature range of -22°F to +131°F, (-30°C to +55°C).

Camera - Housing Features:

Integrated Microphone

The Gatekeeper S - Series camera housing includes an integrated microphone allowing high quality audio to be captured at each camera.

Integrated IR

The integrated IR utilizes 24 infrared LED’s to provide IR illumination at night.  A sensor in the camera detects the ambient light and automatically turns on/off the IR LED’s as needed.  

3D Gimbal

The housing inherently implements a 3D gimbal design found in more expensive cameras.  This allows the base to be mounted in almost any orientation while allowing the camera to be adjusted so that the image is correctly oriented.

Tamper Proof Adjustments

Not only is the camera constructed of metal but there are set screws that when tightened, prevents the camera aim from being tampered with.  This is important for installation where the camera can be accessed, either due to low ceilings or accessible camera placement.

All Metal Housing

An all metal housing creates a vandal proof package that is resistant to physical damage.

90 Degree Aiming

The housing profile has been carefully designed so that the camera can be aimed 90° laterally and have a clear field of view.  This is important for correct aiming when the camera is located at the front of a bus.

Tolerant to Installation Error

The S - Series housing has been designed so that the camera ball cannot be positioned behind the cameras shroud thus reflecting infrared light back into the lens.  This reduces the probability of installation error.

Sealed Design

The ball that houses the camera electronics has no vents thus making the camera resistant to water spray.

Vibration Damping

In order to help reduce camera vibration, a rubber mounting ring is supplied.  The rubber ring is installed between the camera base and the mounting surface.  The rubber ring conforms to the camera base for easy alignment and quick installation.

Flexible Cable Routing and Mounting Options

The S-Series camera is secured with 4 screws that are not accessible once the installation is complete.  The camera’s signal cable can be routed directly up through the camera base, so that it’s not exposed.  Alternatively, there are 4 cut outs in the base that allows the camera’s signal cable to be routed out the side of the base.  This is useful when the camera is mounted to a surface that is not accessible from the rear.  

Internal IR Light Leakage Eliminated

On the front of the S-Series camera is a flat lens that protects the camera lens from the environment.  This flat lens is divided into two concentric circles.  The outside circle allows the IR light to exit the camera.  The inner circle allows the cameras imaging element to view the scene.  A cylindrical sleeve is attached to the flat lens, and delineates the outside and inside circle.  This cylinder extends from the flat lens and surrounds the camera lens.  This mechanical assembly eliminates internally reflected IR light.  Some camera designs have no such mechanism, while other designs use a soft rubber boot that is intended to prevent internal reflected IR from entering the camera lens.  In Gatekeeper’s experience, a rubber boot can allow IR light to enter the lens and cause optical flare.  This can be exasperated as shorter lens sizes are used.  The cylinder shroud used in Gatekeeper’s S - Series cameras  that protects from internal reflected IR’s still maintained, when shorter lenses are implemented.