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MX12IP Camera Overview


Versatile Design.

Superior Hi-Definition Imaging.

The MX-12 IP is a 1080p High Definition, Wide Dynamic Range, low profile, colour day / night camera.  The camera produces stunningly clear images in the most demanding conditions.  A true wide dynamic rage camera using Sony electronics allows the camera to view both very dark areas and very bright areas in the same image. 

Built rugged, the camera is designed to operate over the extreme temperatures and vibration found in vehicles.  The camera implements “Secured Settings” which means the camera has no external controls for users to tamper with once installed in a vehicle.

The camera uses an industry standard RJ45 connection (no proprietary cabling) which allows the use of Cat 5 cabling between the camera and DVR.  Cable lengths of 15’, 30’ 45’ and 60’ with strain resistant over molded connectors are available.

The MX-12 IP has an internal microphone with audio processing circuity that allows voices to be heard in noisy environments.  Optionally, audio from an external source (such as a wireless body worn microphone) can be fed into the camera (via BNC Connector).  The external audio is integrated into the IP data stream that is recorded by a DVR.

Great Images Come In Small Packages.

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Superior High Definition Imaging In Any Lighting Condition.

Day Time.... 

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Night Time....

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