Key Features & Benefit

    • 4 channel SDIH.
    • 264 video compression for maximum transmission and storage efficiency
    • MIL SPEC 810F compliant for shock and vibration
    • Up to 120 FPS
    • Spinning Hard Drive or SSD available 
    • 8 Sensors
    • Dual Hard Drive Comrad
    • Dual Streaming 
    • Wireless Ready – WiFi and Cellular


      • Homeland Security



ASX-800 Overview


When the operation is about bringing back sensitive information, no matter what the elements or the environments, the data must survive. Whether you are cruising at 30,000 feet or flying low to capture high definition images of activity on the ground, the Viperfish™ ASX-800 will perform with digital accuracy, recording video, audio and sensors leaving you completely focused on your mission. viperfish logo 5x3 300dpi 2 

The high performance digital platform combines a state of the art processing with a real time operating system and standard H.264 compression resulting in clear, crisp, video with playback capability on a wide range of PC systems.  Video and audio data is recorded to a solid state storage device trade named COMRAD™ which can be carried on or off the aircraft quickly and easily. 

H.264 compression provides a very high video quality to storage space ratios in the video compression field today.  Recorded data can be managed via Digital Post Mission Analysis Software application or recorded video and audio can be played back on windows media player. 

The ASX-800 is a flexible COTS SDI digital video recorder.  The ASX-800 operation is autonomous on power up. The recording media is a COTS solid state hard drive(s) as typically used by electronic news groups and broadcast. The media is removable from the ASX-800 and can be provided as needed to ground users. 

The ASX-800 records video/audio on up to 2 one Terra Byte hard drives that are mounted in a removable drive caddy (Comrad).  In addition to the Comrad, the ASX-800 also supports up to a 64 GB SD card.  Audio / video can be recorded to the Hard Drive and SD card simultaneously.  The ASX-800 can be configured to record a lower resolution / frame rate to the SD card.  The audio / video are removed from the Comrad (to a PC) via a VDA (Video Download Adaptor - supplied).  The VDA provides the facilities to power the internal hard drives in Comrad and it also provides a USB interface to connect the Comrad to a PC.

Real time video / audio can be accessed using an external monitor connected to the front panel display connector.  Alternatively, an ICD (Interactive Control Display) can be connected to the ASX-800 via a rear panel connector to access live video / audio or access previously recorded audio / video.  Additionally the ICD allows users to configure the ASX-800. 

 Actual Recorded Footage - AC 130 Gunship - Altitude: 20,000 ft.