Calgary HandiBus

The safety and comfort of passengers and drivers is a top priority for Calgary HandiBus, which is why they wanted tools in place to protect passengers and drivers from harassment, protect themselves from false liability claims, and ensure drivers could focus exclusively on the road while driving. They do a lot of pickups in alleys and operate in extreme hot and cold environments so equipment reliability is extremely important.  Click here to read more.

Clovis Unified School District, Clovis, California

At Clovis Unified, as with many school bus fleets, transporting children safely and efficiently is a tough job when you consider one driver must focus on the road while responsible for the safety of up to 80 children. Bullying, vandalism, theft, and false liability claims are realities on school buses today and Clovis Unified wanted tools in place to combat these problems to protect students, drivers, and bus property.  Click here to read more.

PEI chooses Gatekeeper License Plate Reading technology to deter stop arm violations...

Drivers who speed by school buses when the stop arm is activated as students are loading or unloading from the bus was a growing problem and safety concern in P.E.I. According to the province's Transportation Minister Ron MacKinley, there were many complaints from parents and bus drivers about stop arm violations, especially on the province's two major highways. Click here to read more.

 Jackson Public Schools First to use License Plate reading technology in Mississippi...

The problem of motorists driving by school buses when the buses' lights and stop arm are activated was a growing concern for Jackson Public Schools. They wanted to capture the license plates of offenders in order to discourage this type of behavior and improve the safety of students on and around their buses.  Click here to read more.